The Moon is available for receptions, banquets, dances, and concerts, both public and private. The Main Room, 26,000 sq feet, has a 1,500 capacity, and the Patio & Silver Moon, 4,000 sq feet, has a 200 capacity. The Silver Moon does not accommodate live performances. Both rooms are available for public or private events. The flat rental for the Main facility is $4,000 plus all staffing costs. This rental fee covers the facility, in-house sound and lights, video systems, all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment in the venue, and all parking lots. Staffing costs are determined based on the requirements of each event. The Flat rental for the Patio and the Silver Moon is $1,000 plus all staffing costs. To rent both the Main facility and the Patio/Silver Moon, $4,500. Add staffing costs. Fees may be reduced depending on the number of people and the food and beverage budgets.

     If an event is open to the public and tickets are to be sold, all tickets must be sold from The Moon box office or The Moon online ticket system.

     The Moon has two commercial catering kitchens. The Main Room and the Kitchen are attached to the Patio. From these two kitchens, we are able to provide up to 750 for luncheon or dinner.” All catering is in-house by our full-time chef and staff. No outside caterers are allowed.  For charities and non-profits, we can discuss what food might be provided on a no-cost basis for each event by local caterers and restaurants.   

       We have an alcoholic beverage license granted by The State of Florida. The State requires that all alcoholic beverages be purchased by and distributed on-site by The Moon and its staff. No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought on the property other than by State approved vendors billed through our license.

     We are not just a facility. Our staff is constantly producing events, both public and private. For all events, our in-house production staff will remain in charge of all sound, lighting, and video systems. We provide secured parking. We have a complete set construction shop with theme ideas for any party. The Moon parking consists of 125 spaces on site and 500 spaces across the street. The more information we have on the details of a party, the better quote we can give.

     Please forward all rental requests to and give as much information as possible. Thank you for considering The Moon for your event.

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